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Corel Painter / Sketchbook Pro

Drawing digitally -- 15 years of Painter and still loving it!

I have been drawing digitally using Corel Painter since about 1997. The program is wonderfully complex, however in reality I work simply: using layers and a limited tool set all for of my work. Learn the basics, decide on a few tools that gets the job done and get painting and drawing! Don't let the "noise" of all of the special bells and whistle distract you. Even with the basics you have a complete art supply store at your fingertips, with no smell, clean hands AND UNDO'S.

 Don't forget that a pressure sensitive pen is a must...a mouse is not a drawing tool.

For simplicity sake and a nice "pencil" tool I have been using Sketchbook Pro more and more. It has all that you need for good basic drawing and sketching and is a lot cheaper than Painter and don't even mention Photoshop if you don't want unnecessary complexity!

Update 2015/16 -- Well, Apple has finally provided a drawing tool for the ubiquitous ipad in the form of the IPAD PRO with the Apple pencil (extra). Now the whole world has no excuse for not becoming a digital sketcher. Sketchbook pro is an available app and as I understand it, Procreate is great and similar to Painter.

Android world, Samsung has been pushing the digital pencil for a while using the industry standard Wacom technology. Sketchbook Pro is available as an app. There are some others but you will have to try them out.

Surface Pro will let your run full windows PC programs, and again has been pencil based from the begining. Earlier iterations were Wacom based, more recently I believe they are Ntrig based pens. There does not seem to be any problem with the latter recently. These seem pretty competitive with the iPad Pro and pencil.

The Wacom Cintiq companion as a portable drawing tablet that I got at the time because of the bigger screen and running windows. But dang darn it, for me the super wide screen format is not useful for me. My ancient Tablet PC with a more squarish format really, had more useable drawing area than the companion. At least Apple and Microsoft did not follow that route. 

Green heron --Sketchbook pro and Painter
c dean fortune

drawn from life 20 minutes
c dean fortune

live quick sketch demo from model
c dean fortune

Richard-from life--Sketchbook pro
c dean fortune

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